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Re-connect Wireless Xbox One Controller with the Console

If you are using your Xbox One wireless controller with both Windows 10 PC, and the console to play any type of game, then you can face a common issue regarding Xbox One failing to detect once it’s connected with a PC or any other console. What seems to be the case is when you connect your controller with PC with the help of the USB cable, the pairing between the console, and the controller seems to be broken.  Besides this, a number of scenarios where Xbox One fails to detect the controller, even though it’s paired. This post will help you to how to re-connect wireless Xbox One controller with the console.
A Process to Re-connect Wireless Xbox One Controller with the Console
If the Xbox One console fails to detect the wireless controller for an odd reason. When this happens, you need use it on some another PC or a console, and pairing seems to be broken. In case, if your Xbox One Controller is not connecting properly, flashing but not working or not syncing or turning on, then this will learn you how to re-connect your Xbox One controller to your Windows PC.
XboxOne fails to detect the controller
You have two different options to do this-
1- Repairing using the console’s connecting button.
2- Repairing using a USB wire.
If you have a battery pack in the back side of the controller instead of AA batteries, you must have a cable already. If you have nothing then you can use any USB cable with a micro USB 2.0 port.
Steps to Connect the Controller Using the Console’s Connect Button:-
●       First, turn on your Xbox One, and please ensure you have a battery charge in the controller.
●       Then press and hold the Xbox Button on the controller, in the middle with Xbox Logo on it.
●       If the buttons light blinking, that means, it is not able to connect the console.
●       On that time, you will need to use the connect button.
●       This button is available both on Xbox One, and the controller.
●       On Xbox One X and Xbox One S, the connect button is located on the front right, below the power button.
●       On original Xbox One, the connect button is on the side, around the corner from the disc.
●       The controller will be located on upper edge, below the guide button.
●       You will get the arrows right next to it.
●       Now, press and release the connect button on the Xbox.
●       Immediately do as same on the Xbox Controller, but you need to holds it in your hands until the controller’s Xbox button flashes minimum 20 seconds.
●       When the connection is setup, the Xbox button will stay lit on the controller.
●       If you are using multiple controllers then you need to repeat this process for each of the additional controller.
●       Alongside, you need to re-assign the controller to the user if the console fails to do so.
Steps to Connect the Controller Using a USB-to-micro-USB Cable:-
This method is simple and works with both wired and wireless controller. For this, you will need for a micro-USB cable, preferably that you get with the Xbox One Play, and charge kit.
●       Connect your USB cable end into one of the Xbox One USB port.
●       Then, insert the charging port of the cable into Xbox One controller.
●       Wait for the Xbox One button turned on.
If the above given processes will not works then you need to do two simple task.
1- Make sure your AA batteries are not out of charge.
2- You have to made sure to push the connect button on time in case of a wireless controller.
At last, you need to restart your console and check if everything is working properly.

Jack Tucker is a Tech expert and has been working in the technical industry from last 10 year. As a technical expert, he has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as norton.com/setup.